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OUBS Conference Travel Support Fund

General Information 

To support the attendance of scientific conferences by its members, OUBS has created the “OUBS Conference Travel Support Fund”. This fund is dedicated to serving the mobility of graduate students that have contributed to OUBS. To this end, during week 1 of every term, a maximum of £334 of the OUBS budget are transferred to the fund  – under consideration of the rule that the fund’s volume at any given time should not exceed £2500. The application will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Application Process 

Applications have to include the (completed) application form, a letter of acceptance to the conference and a copy of your CV and have to be sent to by the above-stated deadline. 
OUBS reviews whether the application fulfils formal requirements (such as the eligibility criteria outlined below [cf. paragraph “Eligibility”] or whether the application is complete). In case these criteria are fulfilled, OUBS asks the person that was specified by the applicant to write an endorsement letter for the applicant. 
The application is then forwarded to an OUBS-independent board which decides on the allocation of funds based on the assessment criteria. This board consists of three members with no link to the Oxford University Biochemical Society and reflects gender and ethnic diversity. 
Subsequently, the board creates a list of applicants (in order of priority) and their granted funding. In case the funds claimed by the applications exceed those that are available in the current pool, applicants that are below the priority threshold are put on a waiting list.  
Applicants are informed about the outcome of their application by OUBS once the board has reviewed the application. Successful applicants have one week to accept their funding. In case successful applicants decide to decline their allocated funding, applicants on the waiting list move up. 



The fund is targeted at graduate students at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford based on the assessment criteria outlined here. Students can only apply once per academic year for support of up to £1000 per application. Moreover, the overall amount a student can apply for in several applications/years is £1500. 


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