Academic Talks

Please scroll down to have a look at our past academic talks, and also our upcoming talks that you can attend in the near future.

These are usually held in the Department of Biochemistry Seminar Room, unless stated otherwise. Academic talks are also usually preceeded by a luncheon, whereby students have an opportunity to meet and have lunch with the guest speakers. Sign ups to the luncheon are on a first-come-first-serve basis and students will be notified by email.

Upcoming Talks

Prof. Ibrahim Cissé (Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology) - TBA

Prof. Sarah Rouse (Imperial College London) - TBA

Past Talks

28th February 2024 Dr. Andrea Pauli, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna Fundamental Principles During the Egg-to-Embryo Transition
13th June 2022 Prof. Barbara Conradt Programmed cell death during C. elegans development: Lessons learnt and new things to be discovered
7th March 2022 Prof. Sumana SanyalSir William Dunn School of Pathology Mechanisms of flavivirus biogenesis using Zika and Dengue as models, and their strategies of evading host immune responses
14th June 2021 Professor Brenda Schulman, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry Dynamic regulation of E3 ligase mechanisms
20th January 2020 Professor Elena Conti, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry RNA recognition and degradation and its effect on translation
17th November 2020 Professor Jan Hoeijmakers Erasmus MC The impact of DNA damage and nutritionon transcription, ageing and neurodegeneration in mice and patients.
5th March 2020 Professor Anne Willis OBE MRC Toxicology Unit University of Cambridge Post-transcriptional control in response to toxic injury, focusing on RNA-binding proteins, regulatory RNA motifs and tRNAs.
1st November 2019 Sir Richard Gardner University of York,
Michele De Luca University of Modena
Cell and Gene therapy by somatic stem cells
26th June 2017 Professor Tadhg Begley Texas A&M University The mystery of suicidal enzymes: thiamin biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
19th June 2017 Dr. Wei Li University of Cambridge Targeting endothelial BMP signalling for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension: A structural biologist's perspective
5th June 2017 Prof Elspeth Garman University of Oxford Radiation damage and metal identification in Structural Biology: why do we care?
22nd May 2017 Professor Shabaz Mohammed Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford Proteomics of adult stem cells and organoids
15th May 2017 Marisa Martin Fernandez University of Oxford EGF receptor structure-function relationships in the cell nano-environment.
8th May 2017 Chris Schofield University of Oxford From antibiotics to oxygen sensing and back again
24th April 2017 Professor Colin Kleanthous Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford Protein antibiotic import in bacteria
10th April 2017 Jennifer Potts University of York Structure and function of staphylococcal proteins involved in biofilm infections.
20th March 2017 Lidia Vasilieva University of Oxford Towards understanding role of the phosphorylation of RNA polymerase II in transcription termination.
13th March 2017 Paul Guichard University of Geneva Dissecting the molecular composition and assembly of the centriole.
6th March 2017 Ian Henderson University of Birmingham Lipid transport in the gram negative cell envelope
27th February 2017 Dr Ivan Ahel Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford ADP-ribosylation signalling in regulation of genome stability.
21st February 2017 Katherine Eve, James Brown, Daniele Selmi, Giles Robertson, Nathan Rose Biochemistry Careers Day 2017
20th February 2017 Prof E.Yvonne Jones University of Oxford The mechanics of semaphorin-plexin cell guidance signalling
30th January 2017 Frances Ashcroft University of Oxford Neonatal diabetes and type 2 diabetes: insights from studies of the KATP channel
23rd January 2017 Professor Matthew Freeman Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford Cell biology of intercellular signalling
28th November 2016 Dr Elena Seiradake Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford Cancelled.
21st November 2016 Professor Neil Brockdorff Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford Cancelled. Polycomb recruitment by Xist RNA
14th November 2016 Prof Jan Rehwinkel (Radcliffe Department of Medicine) University of Oxford Sensing and Restricting: Innate Immune Control of Virus Infection
7th November 2016 Prof Nicole Zitzmann (Biochemistry) University of Oxford One for all and all for one - In pursuit of a broad spectrum antiviral
4th November 2016 Professor Roger Pedersen University of Cambridge Modelling human gastrulation using pluripotent stem cells
31st October 2016 Professor Jane Mellor University of Oxford Transcription and the control of RNA fate
24th October 2016 Prof Mark Howarth University of Oxford Department of Biochemistry Bacterial superglues to fish for cancer cells and tickle immune cells
10th October 2016 Judy Armitage Biochemistry Watching complex motors remodel in living bacteria
3rd October 2016 Prof Andrew Turberfield (Department of Physics) University of Oxford Molecular Structures and Machinery from DNA
26th September 2016 Professor Katja Simon (Kennedy Institute) University of Oxford Novel roles for autophagy in cellular differentiation


19th September 2016 Prof Radu Aricescu (Division of Structural Biology) University of Oxford CANCELLED !!! Mind the gap: synaptic protein networks to learn and remember


5th July 2016 Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann Director Dept. Proteomics and Signal Transduction, MPI, Germany Lunch for students doing a Dphil in Biochemistry with Prof Dr Matthias Mann


7th March 2016 Professor Achillefs Kapanidis University of Oxford Studying gene machines inside living cells, one molecule at a time


23rd February 2016 Christine Whyte, David McCormick, Ann Le Good, Emma Palmer Foster, Sarah Faircliffe, Katy Gearing, Bridget Harris, Edward Norris-Cervetto, David Lancaster, Robert Wicks OUBS Careers Day


9th November 2015 Professor Rüdiger Klein Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology How neurons communicate adhesion and repulsion to their surroundings during development


7th September 2015 Professor Keith Caldecott Professor of Biochemistry (Genome Damage and Stability) DNA single-strand breaks and human genetic disease


2nd March 2015 Professor John McCafferty Co-founder, Director and CEO of Cambridge Antibody Technology Blocking cell signalling with recombinant antibodies


2nd December 2014 Professor Gerard Evan Professor Linda Partridge Professor Sir Alan Fersht Professor Kim Nasmyth Professor Jane Mellor Professor Matt Higgins Department of Biochemistry 50 + 5 Celebration Seminars

A full day of Seminars, followed by a Champagne Reception on the Lower Ground Floor. All members of the Department are invited to join in the celebrations.

27th October 2014 Professor Ian Hickson University of Copenhagen How unfinished business from S-phase impacts on mitosis.


20th October 2014 Dr Christian Speck Imperial College London Key steps in the DNA loading and activation of the replicative helicase MCM2-7


6th October 2014 Professor Garry Taylor Professor of Molecular Biophysics, University of St. Andrews A Universal Preventative for Influenza


8th July 2014 Professor Ann McDermott Activation and Inactivation of a Potassium Channel


16th June 2014 Professor Alessandro Sartori DNA-end resection in human cells: New insights into the regulation of CtIP


2nd June 2014 Dr. David Ish-Horowicz "Time, space and transcription during development"


3rd February 2014 Professor Jacqueline Cherfils Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Regulation of Arf GTPases and their GEFs in membrane traffic

OUBS Seminar

2nd December 2013 Ben Lehner CANCELLED


7th October 2013 Markus Ralser Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge "Early origins of metabolism, and dynamics of metabolic networks in modern organisms"

OUBS Seminar

23rd September 2013 Professor Eric Sundberg University of Baltimore Three steps to pathogenicity: structural insights to colonization, immune evasion and toxicity by Gram-positive bacteria.

OUBS Seminar

9th September 2013 Professor Patrick O'Farrell UCSF, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics What about Mendel and Darwin? Mitochondrial genomes play by different rules

OUBS Seminar

19th July 2013 Reinhard Grisshammer Structure of the agonist-bound neurotensin receptor NTS1


If you would like to meet with him, please let Tony know.

10th June 2013 Dr. Morgan Beeby What Structural Dissection of Bacterial Flagellar Motors In Situ tell us about Structure and Function


20th May 2013 Dr Christoph Loenarz Regulation of translation by ribosome hydroxylation in eukaryotes


13th May 2013 Prof Ben Berks Moving folded proteins across membranes


4th March 2013 Prof Jane Clarke What can we learn from studying the folding of families of structurally related proteins? Lessons from the immunoglobulin-like fold


28th January 2013 Prof Mark Buttner The Control of Apical Growth and Branching in Streptomyces


26th November 2012 Dr Sophie Jarriault Cellular plasticity: insights from natural direct reprogramming in vivo


19th November 2012 Dr Davide Corona An RNA-mediated memory mechanism to inherit epigenetic marks


5th November 2012 Prof Gabriel Waksman Transport through Membranes by Bacterial Secretion Nano Machines


29th October 2012 Dr Leo Sazanov Structure and Mechanism of Respiratory Complex I


22nd October 2012 Dr Andrew Carter MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge University Structure of the Dynein Motor


22nd October 2012 Dr Andrew Carter MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Annual 'Star Alumni Seminar'

Annual Star Alumni Seminar. Celebrating the success of recent Oxford Biochemistry graduates. Also part of the OUBS Seminar Series Main Meeting Room, New Biochemistry Building

15th October 2012 Prof Colin Kleanthous Cell Translocation Mechanism of Protein Antibiotics


8th October 2012 Prof Tony Moore Structure, function and mechanism of a non-heme monotopic membrane protein oxidase of parasite and plant respiratory systems


9th July 2012 Prof Brian Kobilka Stanford University OUBS Lecture of the Year: Structural insights into the dynamic process of GPCR activation of G protein coupled receptor signaling.


11th June 2012 Prof Kenn Gerdes Newcastle University Bacterial persistence, toxin - antitoxins and the stringent response


6th June 2012 Prof. Martinez Arias University of Cambridge Transition states and ß-catenin in self renewal and differentiation of stem cells


30th May 2012 Dr. Chris Chipot Nancy Universite Solving complex biological problems using free-energy calculations


21st May 2012 Prof. Martin Caffrey Trinity College, Dublin Crystallizing Membrane Proteins for Structure-Function Studies Using Lipidic Systems


14th May 2012 Dr. Flemming Hansen University College London Side-chain Structure and Dynamics from Chemical shifts: Applications to Low Populated States and Large Proteins


30th April 2012 Dr. Sean Munro University of Cambridge Departures and arrivals: how Arf family G proteins organise membrane traffic at the Golgi apparatus


13th February 2012 Professor Peter Leadlay University of Cambridge Assembly-line Natural Product Biosynthesis


8th February 2012 Dr Duncan Odom Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute TBC


6th February 2012 Prof Bela Novak University of Oxford Mitotic and meiotic checkpoint controls.


1st February 2012 Dr. Juerg Mueller Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry Molecular mechanisms of the Polycomb/trithorax system


16th January 2012 Prof. Tim Cross NMR Program Director, Professor of Chemistry CIMAR, NMR, Tallahassee, FL The Influenza A M2 Proton Channel - Structure and Function in Lipids Bilayers and Restraints from E. coli Membranes


5th December 2011 Dianne Newman From iron oxides to infections: roles for redox-active "antibiotics" in microbial survival and development


1st December 2011 Professor Dame Kay Davies FRS Challenges of therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

3rd OIBC Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture

Kellogg College

28th November 2011 Prof Gideon Davies University of York Studies on the O-GlcNAc modification: implications for type II diabetes and neuro-degeneration


21st November 2011 Professor Pierre Gonczy École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Mechanisms of centriole formation


7th November 2011 Prof Francis Barr University of Oxford Regulation of membrane traffic by Rab GTPase control systems


4th November 2011 Professor Konrad Hochedlinger Harvard University Sir Richard Gardner Celebratory Lecture: Dissecting the mechanisms of cellular reprogramming


3rd November 2011 Prof essor David Livingston Harvard Medical School Cancer genetics


31st October 2011 Dr. Jason Carroll CRUK Cambridge Research Institute Understanding Estrogen Receptor transcription in breast cancer


24th October 2011 Dr Jenny Gallop Gurdon Institute, Cambridge Understanding cell shape: reconstitutions of actin polymerisation at the membrane/cytosol interface


17th October 2011 Prof Anton Wutz Centre for Stem Cell Research, Cambridge


10th October 2011 Dr Tom Clarke University of East Anglia Bacterial beta barrel outer membrane proteins can enclose cytochrome wires to allow interaction with extracellular solids


21st June 2011 Dr Lizzie Burns Science to Life Art of Science


20th June 2011 Professor Stephan Sigrist Institut fuer Biologie, FU Berlin Shedding light on the assembly of synapse structure and function


13th June 2011 Dr Steve West Cancer Research UK - London Research Institute Regulatory control of recombination-mediated DNA repair and links to cancer


6th June 2011 Professor Steve Busby School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham Regulation at simple and complex bacterial promoters


31st May 2011 Professor David Jones Department of Computer Science, University College London Gaining biological insight from disorder: natively unfolded proteins in the human genome


16th May 2011 Professor Adrian Mulholland Centre for Computational Chemistry, Bristol University Computational enzymology: modelling biological catalysts


9th May 2011 Dr Ian Collinson School of Biochemistry, Bristol University Structure of the bacterial translocon activated by pre-protein


3rd May 2011 Dr Joao Pedro de Magalhaes Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool Integrative genomics of ageing: New approaches for an 'old' problem


7th March 2011 Professor Daan Frenkel Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge DNA-coated colloids: from materials design to drug delivery?


28th February 2011 Professor Steve Jackson Gurdon Institute, Cambridge Studying the DNA damage response


21st February 2011 Dr Mario de Bono MRC LMB, Cambridge The architecture of homeostatic responses in C. elegans


8th February 2011   OUBS annual careers day


7th February 2011 Professor Amanda Fisher MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London Stem Cells and Reprogramming


31st January 2011 Professor Lotte Sogaard-Andersen Max-Planck-Institut for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg Regulation of cell polarity in bacteria


24th January 2011 Cancelled: Professor Kenn Gerdes Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University Bacterial persistence and toxin - antitoxins


17th January 2011 Dr Lidia Vasilieva Department of Biochemistry, Oxford Degrade or not degrade? Mechanism protecting RNAs from degradation by the exosome complex


6th December 2010 Professor Eric Greene Howard Hughes Medical Institute Visual Biochemistry: High-throughput Single-Molecule Imaging of Protein-DNA Interactions


29th November 2010   Biotechnology breakthroughs: How Isis Innovation helps


22nd November 2010 Dr Leo Sazanov Medical Research Council Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge The architecture of respiratory complex I: "steam engine" of the cell


8th November 2010 Dr Peter Rosenthal MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London Cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells


5th November 2010 Professor Hans Clevers Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht Wnt signaling, Lgr5 stem cells and cancer

Sir Richard Gardner Celebratory Lecture 2010

25th October 2010 Professor Peter Cook Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Transcription factories as organizers of the genome; the role of fixed polymerases


18th October 2010 Professor Neil Hunter Department of Microbiology, College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis E3-ligase, RNF212, Is a Haploinsufficient Regulator of Crossing-Over During Mammalian Meiosis


12th October 2010 Professor David Bartel MIT, Whitehead Institute, HHMI MicroRNAs and other small regulatory RNAs


Sponsored by the RNA society

11th October 2010 Professor Daan van Aalten Division of Molecular Microbiology, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee Molecular mechanisms of O-GlcNAc signalling


13th July 2010 Prof Ada Yonath Winner of The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009, Structural Biology Department, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel The amazing ribosome

Special Nobel Laureate Lecture

14th June 2010 Prof Gene Robinson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Genes and Social Behavior: Lessons from the Honey Bee


14th June 2010 Professor Barry Potter Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath Anticancer Drug Discovery: Sulfatase Inhibitors from Bench to Bedside

OUBS seminar

1st June 2010 Prof John Sedat University of California, San Francisco What is on the Horizon for 4- Dimensional Optical Microscopy for live biology?


21st May 2010 Prof Venki Ramakrishnan Winner of The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge What we have learned from structures of the ribosome

Special Nobel Laureate Lecture

18th May 2010 Prof. Prakash Hande Department of Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore Telomere dysfunction and DNA repair deficiency: markers of sensitivity to mutagens and carcinogens?


10th May 2010 Prof Gero Miesenboeck Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford Lighting up the brain: Imaging and control of genetically targeted neural circuits


A joint event with the Cortex Club

29th April 2010 Prof David Bartel Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Whitehead Institute, MIT POSTPONED DUE TO TRAVEL PROBLEMS


"Silence" - A Journal of RNA Regulation Seminar

26th April 2010 Dr Patrick Lemaire Developmental Biology Institute of Marseilles, Luminy POSTPONED DUE TO TRAVEL PROBLEMS


16th March 2010 Prof Angelika Amon Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA Consequences of aneuploidy


10th March 2010 Prof Edmund Kunji MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge The transport mechanism of mitochondrial carriers by analysis of pseudo-symmetry

Seminar shared with the Part II Membrane Transport Option

8th March 2010 Dr Marc Bühler Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel Spatial and temporal analysis of the fission yeast RNAi pathway


Sponsored by RNA Society

3rd March 2010 Prof Sir Martin Evans FRS DSc Winner of The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2007, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff CANCELLED

Seminar Canceled

1st March 2010 Dr Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge Origin and formation of the first distinct cell types in the mouse embryo


22nd February 2010 Dr Fiona Watt Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute CANCELLED


9th February 2010   Careers Day 2010

15th annual OUBS Careers Day, more details to follow soon.

8th February 2010 Prof Martin Warren School of Biosciences, University of Kent A synthetic biology approach towards compartmentalisation in bacteria


1st February 2010 Prof Julian Blow Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, Dundee How S phase is organised to ensure complete genome duplication, and why cancer cells might get it wrong


25th January 2010 Dr Rik Korswagen Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands Mechanism of Wnt secretion


18th January 2010 Prof René Medema University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands Recovery form a DNA damage-induced arrest


15th January 2010 Dr David Keays Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna The molecular basis of magnetoreception


11th January 2010 Dr Frank Uhlmann London Research Institute, Lincoln's Inn Fields Mitotic cell cycle progression: why the clock never turns back


14th December 2009 Professor Greg Cook Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Otago, New Zealand Energetics of thermoalkaliphiles and their nanomolecular machines


7th December 2009 Dr Tim Humphrey Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, University of Oxford Break-induced loss of heterozygosity in fission yeast


30th November 2009 Prof Doug Higgs FRS Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford New insights into globin gene regulation


16th November 2009 Dr Etienne Schwob Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier, France Holistic view of genome replication from single DNA molecules


The Society for General Microbiology Seminar

6th November 2009 Professor Sir John Gurdon DPhil DSc FRS The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge Nuclear reprogramming and the micro-manipulation of cells

The inaugural Sir Richard Gardner Celebratory Lecture

A joint event between OUBS and The Oxford Stem Cell Institute. Followed by wine reception!

26th October 2009 Dr Andrew Carter University of California, San Francisco Cytoplasmic dynein: from single molecules to structure


Sponsored by Image Solutions

12th October 2009 Dr Anne Donaldson Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen Replicating and organising yeast chromosomes


The Society for General Microbiology Seminar

5th October 2009 Dr Julie Ahringer Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge Cell polarity transduction in C. elegans and a bit about chromatin


Sponsored by Source BioScience Geneservice

28th September 2009 Prof Dale Dorsett St Louis University School of Medicine, USA Cohesin and Polycomb silencing proteins - balancing expression of genes that control development


14th September 2009 Prof Rodney Rothstein Department of Genetics and Development, Columbia University Kinetochores components define a single lineage in budding yeast and also affect the DNA damage response


27th July 2009 Dr Maitreya Dunham University of Washington, Seattle Genomic analysis of experimental evolution in yeast


Sponsored by The Genetics Society (

15th June 2009 Dr David Tollervey Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh Some Cracking Results with RNA


9th June 2009 Prof Tom Strachan FRSE FMedSci Scientific Director, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University "Abnormal cohesin regulation and developmental malformation"


8th June 2009 Dr Fumiko Esashi Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford "Getting into and out of DNA repair : insights from BRCA2 studies"


1st June 2009 Dr Florian Brueckner Imperial College Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire "A movie of the RNA polymerase II nucleotide addition cycle"


18th May 2009 Prof Chris Abell Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Co-founder of Astex Therapeutics "Fragments and Droplets"


The Royal Society of Chemistry Seminar (

9th March 2009 Prof Stefan Grimm Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London "Screening for apoptosis genes: new insights into the respiratory chain and tumourigenesis"


2nd March 2009 Prof Robert Konrat Max F. Perutz Laboratories, University of Vienna, Austria "The dynamic biochemistry of the oncogenic transcription factor Myc – a meta-structure approach"


23rd February 2009 Dr Margarete Heck Queen's Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh “Using Drosophila genetics to put invadolysin in its place”


16th February 2009 Dr Daniel Finley Harvard Medical School "Ubiquitin chain processing by the proteasome and its regulation via a novel stress response"


11th February 2009   OUBS Careers Day


Now in its 14th year, OUBS Careers Day is a popular annual event. Everyone is welcome!

2nd February 2009 Dr Colin Goding The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University of Oxford "Transcription and signalling from stem cells to cancer"


19th January 2009 Dr Harvey McMahon MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge "Membrane curvature and mechanisms of dynamic cell membrane remodelling"


10th December 2008 Dr Andrew Fire, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2006 Stanford University School Of Medicine "Genome surveillance mechanisms based on nucleic acid structure"

The inaugural OUBS Lecture of the Year, followed by champagne reception.

8th December 2008 Prof Witold Filipowicz Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland Mechanisms and reversibility of microRNA-mediated repression in mammalian cells


24th November 2008 Prof Laurence Pearl The Institute of Cancer Research, London "The HSP90 molecular chaperone - an open and shut case for treatment"


17th November 2008 Dr Lena Ström Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden "Damage induced cohesion and beyond"


10th November 2008 Dr David Strutt University of Sheffield “Cell-cell interactions and the local coordination of cell polarity”


3rd November 2008 Dr Nick Brown The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge "Linking integrins to the cytoskeleton"


27th October 2008 Dr Helle Ulrich Clare Hall, London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK "Regulation of DNA Damage Bypass by Ubiquitin and SUMO"


20th October 2008 Prof Stephen Bell Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford "DNA replication and cell division in the third domain of life"


16th June 2008 Jonathan Ewbank Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy Chromatin, PKC, and MAPK networks in C. elegans innate immunity


9th June 2008 Dr Julia Cooper CRUK London Research Institute Telomeres and the challenges to chromosome integrity


2nd June 2008 Dr Rafal Ciosk Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland The worm perspective on stem cells, germ cells, and monsters

Sponsored by Image Solutions

26th May 2008 Professor Tim Schedl Washington University, St Louis, Missouri USA A functional genomics approach identifies MPK-1 ERK substrates that direct C. elegans germline development


19th May 2008 Professor Nicholas Proudfoot Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Regulating Transcription and chromosomal cohesion through mRNA 3' end formation and gene looping in yeast


12th May 2008 Dr Barry Dickson Director, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna Wired for sex: how the mating instinct is programmed into the fly's brain


28th April 2008 Prof. Georgi Muskhelishvili Jacobs University, Bremen Control mechanisms coordinating genomic transcription and cellular metabolism


21st April 2008 Dr James Parker Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford Target recognition in RNA silencing
3rd March 2008 Prof. Thomas Pietschmann TWINCORE - Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research, Hannover Hepatitis C virus p7 protein is crucial for assembly and release of infectious virions


18th February 2008 Dr Thomas Sommer Max Delbruck, Berlin


14th February 2008   OUBS Careers Day
4th February 2008 Dr. David Ish-Horowitz CRUK London Research Institute Molecular studies of animal patterning

Sponsored by Image Solutions

21st January 2008 Dr Mark Petronczki CRUK London Research Institute Probing late mitotic functions of Polo-like kinase 1 in human cells using chemical biology